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Alex 02. Jul. 2009 - 21:24,
sagtma wie schauts mit eurer dvd aus?

freue mich auf siegburg und moers!

TheTiger 28. Jun. 2009 - 00:30,
You are one of the greatest bands I know. Your music is intersting, insane and full of life, so it has all, what music must have.
Resist to Exist Festival will be amazing  with Brutal Polka!
Thank you and and I hope that in future you go on like this.
IZ 08. Apr. 2009 - 16:24,
Check out the "Tour" section for tour dates. (We are going to Sweden this summer again!)
khonby 03. Apr. 2009 - 06:46,
sound good!! from costa rica!!
esta muy buena la banda mops!!
der maddin 17. Feb. 2009 - 14:08,
moin! when is  next gig in germany? and where?


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