braindead 03. Aug. 2010 - 20:33,
HI Brutals,

many thanks for that great concert and the big fun in Kall/Eifel on the 08/02/2010 with you and the german police .) "Bratwürste" are everywhere! .)

You all can come when every you want, all of you had here a place to sleep, eat and chill out .)

Call and you get it .)

So, i hope all of you enjoyed yourself and have a fine and nice trip throug the country.

Thanxs and have a great time and good luck to all and to the families


Chris 02. Aug. 2010 - 17:34,
Hey, thanks for the concert in
Kirchheim. It was incredible, hope youre coming to bavaria again in the near future for some fun!
Charlene 19. Jul. 2010 - 17:23,
hey just want to leave some greetz
do you remember me? you were at mc donalds in neustadt (germany)
Rudi 10. Jun. 2010 - 08:41,
Check this:
Maria 17. May. 2010 - 18:21,
Guys - sweden!! come back again i hope i loved watching u at Pretzeltown. . mby u remember me, i was the one on wheels <3 Lotsa huggies from me to all of u!! I think ur great xD


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