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Charlene 19. Jul. 2010 - 17:23,
hey just want to leave some greetz
do you remember me? you were at mc donalds in neustadt (germany)
Rudi 10. Jun. 2010 - 08:41,
Check this:
Maria 17. May. 2010 - 18:21,
Guys - sweden!! come back again i hope i loved watching u at Pretzeltown. . mby u remember me, i was the one on wheels <3 Lotsa huggies from me to all of u!! I think ur great xD
Martin Ivarsson 27. Dec. 2009 - 14:33,
Hi there!

I really hope to have you guys back to sweden soon again! And also to Pretzeltown 2010! You guys was really great and happy holidays!

And but the way..

Here is a part of you guys soundsheck from Pretzeltown 2009

And Double Boy, this is fore you from Pretzeltown 2009:

And IZ, Really nice cover you uploaded on Youtube!

Take care now and I hope to see you guys soon again!
/Martin Ivarsson (JayJayHero at Youtube).
spanky 14. Jul. 2009 - 22:49,

we`re back ;-P


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