nico 19. Jul. 2011 - 22:19,
I can't be there. When you guys go to the rots in Antwerp. and that is such a shame because i've been a big fan for 2 years now and i even love it more live then listening to your albums. my friends will be there probably one of them with my brutal polka shirt and hopefully someone with a camera so i can see what madness i missed :( i already look forward to next time you guys visit. keep it brutal ;D
Veit Hamburg 27. Jun. 2011 - 11:18,
hey guys, i´ve got an question:
germany tour, but no concert in hamburg, why?

some random psycho 17. May. 2011 - 17:24,
i'm so happy i could pee my pants
frog0815 11. Jan. 2011 - 21:08,
hi guys.
because i wasn't in germoney last year to see u play like in the years before i think it's only fair, if you would come to hamburg for a gig, so that i don't have to move my big, fat ass to other weird places.
thanks and don't get arrested to soon again. except for senseless violent acts against random old ladies
Circus666 12. Sep. 2010 - 11:13,
I saw you guys play in Freiberg Sachs a couple years ago.  Do you think you will ever come to the USA and play?  Be cool to see you in Portland Oregon!!!


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