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some random psycho 17. May. 2011 - 17:24,
i'm so happy i could pee my pants
frog0815 11. Jan. 2011 - 21:08,
hi guys.
because i wasn't in germoney last year to see u play like in the years before i think it's only fair, if you would come to hamburg for a gig, so that i don't have to move my big, fat ass to other weird places.
thanks and don't get arrested to soon again. except for senseless violent acts against random old ladies
Circus666 12. Sep. 2010 - 11:13,
I saw you guys play in Freiberg Sachs a couple years ago.  Do you think you will ever come to the USA and play?  Be cool to see you in Portland Oregon!!!
braindead 03. Aug. 2010 - 20:33,
HI Brutals,

many thanks for that great concert and the big fun in Kall/Eifel on the 08/02/2010 with you and the german police .) "Bratwürste" are everywhere! .)

You all can come when every you want, all of you had here a place to sleep, eat and chill out .)

Call and you get it .)

So, i hope all of you enjoyed yourself and have a fine and nice trip throug the country.

Thanxs and have a great time and good luck to all and to the families


Chris 02. Aug. 2010 - 17:34,
Hey, thanks for the concert in
Kirchheim. It was incredible, hope youre coming to bavaria again in the near future for some fun!


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