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Jule 08. Aug. 2011 - 16:02,
hey ho, I saw you yesterday at the resist to exist-festival in berlin, it was really funny & great. hope I see you soon at another concert/festival. thank you! ...
Fucking Reine! 06. Aug. 2011 - 00:22,
You guys were fricking awesome tonight at Pretzeltown in Södertälje!
//Green/pink haired punk. Hah.
elke 31. Jul. 2011 - 01:02,
saw you at mubu aachen. very strange and very funny. great show.
nico 19. Jul. 2011 - 22:19,
I can't be there. When you guys go to the rots in Antwerp. and that is such a shame because i've been a big fan for 2 years now and i even love it more live then listening to your albums. my friends will be there probably one of them with my brutal polka shirt and hopefully someone with a camera so i can see what madness i missed :( i already look forward to next time you guys visit. keep it brutal ;D
Veit Hamburg 27. Jun. 2011 - 11:18,
hey guys, i´ve got an question:
germany tour, but no concert in hamburg, why?



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